Proper Range Etiquette-How to into gun ranges.

Always observe and obey the rules of the range

Check in with the range office, pay your fee

Obey the Range Officer

Set your targets up at a distance you are comfortable with

Shoot only at your target

Take up only one lane

Keep guns pointed in safe direction at all times

Be aware of what ceasefire is

Keep actions open, weapon safe, and stay away from your weapons when seize fire is called

Be courteous to others

Clean up all brass you do not intend to use later in and dispose of it in the proper bin

Ask questions to other shooter's, most love talking about their guns

Disobey the laws of the range

Shoot at a range you are uncomfortable with, it may cause you to hit others targets

Handle guns in ceasefire

Let your brass fly all over everyone

Sweep the range

Handle your weapons when ceasefire is called

Leave your brass or take others brass

take up several lanes for the duration of your visit

Walk around and insult peoples weapons, how they shoot, or be a general asshole