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"BF3 is the best game evar"-Anon

BattleField 3 (BF3) is the ultimate military simulator with ultra realistic damage and weapons. It is a favorite among /k/, where it has gained high regards of the best game of all time. Favorite weapons of the average /k/ommado player are:

New FeaturesEdit

BF3 introduces groundbreaking new features that have never before been seen in the realm of video gaming. These features, such as completely customizable barrles, scopes, bullets and color, radically change the way war is fought by allowing the player to operate anyway possible. These features can turn a siper into a CQC weapon, shotguns into long range anti air cannons, and rocket launchers into close range anti personel rifles.


If BF3, tactics are your closest ally, mainly due to your team mates


Here two players use 'retardism' in an attempt to distract the enemies with their falling corpses.

incompetence. Usually, the team with the best tactic come out victorious.

Common tactics include:

  • quickscoping
  • jihad suicide bombing
  • kamikaze
  • retardism
  • decoys
  • spamming bullets into a wall untill you are killed by a faggot with a MAV

Follow any of these highly successful tactics, and you squad is sure to come out victorious.