Tripfags, namefags, etc.. /k/ is full of 'em. Some better than others, but the vast majority is terrible. Here is some of them.

SAO - Is a gay faggot

Drake - Has a lot of guns and a kickass deck. Knows his shit. Also has a youtube channel.

BOOF - He knows his shit. Also insists he is the best tripfag on /k/, and will take his trip off and act as anon to boost his psudeo rep.

DOUK - He doesn't know his shit. Is a total moron and a faggot best to avoid.

Salesman 2.0 - Basement machinist. Also Chechen. Overall badass.

Papulu - 'Nuff said.

G!RL - Also known as GUY IN REAL LIFE, is a total manbitch that trolls the ever living fuck out of shit and ruins /k/.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Permabanned after huge saga of trolling, see once after ban using another computer but got banned again and now is nowhere to be found.

IVAN CHESNOKOV - BEST TRIP OF /k/. KILLED BY PRESS OF PRINTING. Raged at the mere sight of tacticool shit. Alternate trip of Strelnikov, some say. 

Strelnikov - Tripfag that frequented /k/, /mlp/, and /pol/. Died in late 2012, commited suicide due to failing health. (Thread source here)

god - Faggot that acts as if he was god and refers to himself in the third person. Is actually a pretty cool guy despite this.

nugget collector - Faggot who buys nuggets for collecting purposes.

Sieg Heil - AR-15 hating Fudd, knows nothing about guns except wood iz gud.

Red Dawn - A trip who doesn't really troll and knows some shit.

Squid - Definition of asspie. Makes unboxing threads constantly and tries to make other people jelly with his 2 two-toned SCAR's. Posts with another trip to boost his ego.

GoodAmerican - Went to the range with an AK with My Little Pony engravings.

SVT-Stan - Somehow thinks STALKER threads aren't /k/ related. Currently ding dong bannud.

/K/im Jong Lulz - Gets PTSD from getting the mail.

Reaperguy - Pretty cool tripfriend who pilots Reaper drone aircraft and posts Punisher comics. Doesn't shitpost.

Other retards :

Maximum Zergfag

Dan the Viking




Mildly Perturbed Madfag is indeed an AUGfag



Decadent Zombie





Gay Gunner